Flooring, Plumbing & Electrical

Fixing or moving plumbing. Ensuring electrical is up to code. Replacing or installing flooring – from wood to laminate, carpet to stained concrete, or wall-to-wall tile.

Whether as a standalone project, a single repair job, or as part of a larger renovation, these are critical components for building a home you love living in. That’s why Joel Lane Construction delivers end-to-end services that include coordinating all the trades for a timely and professional finish.

As with any of our projects, you benefit from our specialized planning process that makes sure you’ve selected the building options you want and we have the materials and crew on hand. It’s important for us to deliver the beauty, functionality, and safety you deserve – even if that’s hidden behind walls.

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Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, update your bathroom, replace some flooring or build a new storage barn or outdoor living space, Joel Lane Construction is ready to serve you.

End-to-End Services for Flooring, Plumbing & Electrical

Got something special in mind? We are experts at custom builds and new renovation challenges. So drop us a line.

We have established long-term relationships with many of our customers who call us up for quick fixes, simple repair jobs, routine maintenance, and special projects. We can help you too.

Your home is unique, and the solutions should be too.